YZJ-910 joint adhesive for conveyer belt

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YZJ-910 joint adhesive for conveyer belt

YZJ-910  joint adhesive for conveyer belt

     Product information

YZJ-910 adhesive is exclusive used adhesive for seamless connection and repair of conveyor belt for rubber and fiber fabric. It has advantages of high curing speed, no need of fixed compression, high initial strength, strong bonding force, oil and oil resistance. And it has extensive field of application.
Properties: Mixing prepared YZJ-91- and YGJ-210 and careful stirring; full cleaning of material and no damage on fiber fabric;
Packaging and storage
Should be preserved in cool and dry place
Shelf life: 18 months
Technical parameter: YZJ-910 canvas/canvas (25°C)


No. Item Unit Index
1 appearance   sticky liquid
2 viscosity Pas/25°C 6.6±0.2
3 peel strength N/2.5cm  
    30min 128N/2.5cm
    24h 175N/2.5cm
4 shear strength N/cm2  
    30min 264N/cm2
    24h 375N/cm2


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