TMJ-929 geomembrane glue

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TMJ-929 geomembrane glue

TMJ-929 geomembrane glue

     Product information

Our technicist developed a kind of technicist rapid binding PVC geomembrane binding agent under the guidance of experts through years of research by using of BDP high level resin material. The product has advantages of strong adhesive strength, fast curing speed, no demand of pressurizing, strong hydrolytic resistance, acid-base resistance and anti-aging property. It is new type reasonable adhesive agent. It solves the problem in construction of PVC geomembrane. Among 1994 and 1998, it was used in Three Gorges project. Its performance and index were approved. In addition, it has been used in many projects under all kinds of construction environment, for example, field test in coldest Harbin, Qiongguo reservoir project in Alpine region Tibet, power plant in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, hotest Zhanjiang, Shenzhen, and most humid region, middle China. The product quality has been promoted gradually through years of application.

TMJ-929 geomembrane glue is used for PVC and PVC lap joint (appearance: white clear sticky liquid).
TBJ-929-1 geotechnical cloth glue is used for binding of cloth and cloth (appearance: light yellow sticky liquid).

TMJ-929 and TBJ-929-1 are 2 kinds of different product. Mixed using is not permitted.
TMJ-929 glue has excellent curing speed.
TBJ-929-1 is a kind of adhesive agent with strong force on fiber textiles.

Adhesion ratio and test data



Notes: 1 hour after application
width:5cm splicing length: 2cm
No. joint type N/5cm result
1 base material test 845  
2 staggered form lap joint, cloth, membrane full adhesive 840 general demolition, no damage on joint of adhesive
3 staggered form lap joint,membrane adhesive,cloth unadhesive 350 membrane break
4 staggered form lap joint,membrane adhesive,splice 580 membrane break

Only for reference



Notes: 1 hour after application
width: 5cm splicing length: 2cm
No. joint type N/5cm result
1 base material test 510  
2 sealed lap joint 408 membrane break
3 membrane and membrane adhesive 350 membrane break
4 staggered form, membrane and membrane adhesive 495 general demolition



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