XSJ-411 vacuum blister adhesive

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XSJ-411 vacuum blister adhesive

XSJ-411  vacuum blister adhesive

     Product information

XSJ-410 vacuum plastic suction is mainly used on medium density board and PVC veneering thin film of kitchen, furniture and high advanced door plank. It has better binding strength, heat resistance, water proofing property by using together with XFJ-411 curing agent.

To uses: It is suitable for binding of furniture, door plank, computer desk, loudspeaker box, cabinet and advanced decoration panel.

Product properties:
In order to achieve better durability, heat resistance and water proofing property, it should be used together with certain amount of curing agent. It is double component product;
XSJ-410 and XFJ-411 should be mixed at ratio of 14:1 with well mix and should be used up within 5 hours;


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